Ceramica di Faenza

Refinement and elegance

The binomial Faenza-Faïence is synonym of maiolica since the 16th century.
Faenza is world-wide known as the cradle of ceramics. This is the purpose of the Maestri Maiolicari Faentini workshop where colours, brush, enamels, and passion are the tools of an ancient craft.

Fatto a mano

how it is made

Hand painted maiolica. Skilled hands realize hand made ceramics according to meticulous Renaissance rules that have been handed down in Faenza ceramic art for over five centuries and characterize the production of Lea Emiliani’s workshop Maestri Maiolicari Faentini from 1978.

Maestri Maiolicari Faentini

Hand painted maiolica

Since 1978 the workshop has been located in Faenza, the home of majolica since the Renaissance. It will be a pleasure to accompany you to discover this ancient art and show you our hand-painted majolica production.